Our research shows that the vast majority of CBD products are sourced from either China or India, originating from pressed hemp seeds rather than domestically grown, mature hemp plants. Overseas “oils” are almost impossible to authenticate and most are inferior because they contain very little CBD -- or often, no CBD at all -- and are very difficult to regulate both in content and quality.

Healing Hemp of Arkansas’ products are manufactured from the mature hemp plant rather than pressed seeds. Our CBD oil comes directly from western United States farms and their mature industrial hemp plants. Our oils are then lab-certified and tested for quality, purity and consistency.

We at Healing Hemp of Arkansas saw a need to provide our friends and neighbors the healing benefits of industrial sourced cannabidiol. As most CBD products are sold online we felt there was a void for an actual brick and mortar store where the customer can actively engage with our professional staff who can assist them in navigating this new industry and its many consumables that might meet each person’s individual needs.

We are striving to brand many products by personally knowing our grower and processor and by having complete trust in our manufacturers and their rigorous testing standards.

Healing Hemp of Arkansas offers CBD in many forms such as tinctures, soft gels, mints, gummies, oils, skin care, and many other products to meet your specific needs.

Our mission is to assist our customers and guide them in making better choices, every day, allowing them to become more “happy, healthy and safe.”