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4.5" Buddha Eye Carving

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Tibetan Singing bowl is a spiritual power that gives clarity of mind and intuition. This singing bowl is a machine made in Nepal. This singing bowl is used for meditation, yoga, and other kinds of healing. It has many benefits like helping in relaxation reflex, improving nervous system, and inhibiting the pain response or stress.

Machine made bowls are especially used for meditation. They have a higher tone and you can do the crown chakra meditation with it. It is made from brass, copper, and other metals. This singing bowl includes a cushion and a wood striker.

We provide only antique singing bowls and two varieties of singing bowls i.e. handmade and machine made singing bowls. Machine made singing bowls are often painted and have designs on both the outside and inside of the bowls. Whereas, handmade bowls are typically plain.

Give yourself the gift of spiritual well-being and enjoy all of the benefits that singing bowls provide with this Blue and Gold Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mallet. Handmade and fabulous, this meditation bowl is not only great yoga room decor but it is also the perfect spiritual bowl for those that enjoy spiritual practices.

This blue singing bowl is also the perfect mental health gift! It is the perfect asset for anyone who practices the healing arts and who also enjoys the beauty of Tibetan bowls!