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Daily Eye Care Drops - 50mg

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C Better Daily Multi-Symptom Eye Care Drops

  • 50mg CBD (30 ml)
  • All Natural & Preservative Free
  • Formulated by combining herbal ingredients that are typically used as holistic remedies that may reduce inflammation/swelling, irritation, pressure, itching, and other eye related issues.

  • C Better Daily is made with a variety of herbal extracts. This non-saline based formula instead uses organic chamomile hydrosol for its soothing and hydrating properties.

  • Ingredient variations: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Cannabidiol (CBD) & Chamomile Hydrosol

  • Contacts should be removed prior to administration. Enough time should be allowed, at least 1 minute, before returning contacts to the eye.

  • Suggested use is between 1-3 drops per eye per day. A 30ml bottle of C Better Daily at the maximum suggested daily use can provide at minimum a 8-12 week supply.