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Handmade Hemp Duffle Bag

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This is hemp cotton travel/duffle bag made with love in the Himalayas of Nepal. We have made this amazing duffle from using 100% hemp and lined with organic cotton we have included a separate section inside. There are 2 big compartments and weight of about 350 grams.You can use this bag for your travel, gym and so many other occasions. It is also available in natural raw white colour hemp. Other reasons to buy products made using Hemp: -Hemp is the strongest natural fabric. Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. - The hemp used is grown and harvested in Nepal - Village instigated industry -Weather Resistant. UV and mold-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear. -Helps the Environment by Reducing Carbon. Use hemp products and help saving the environments. -Hemp uses less water to grow Without Polluting the Water. -Hemp Has Antimicrobial Properties -Hemp Clothing Softens With Time
  • Dimension: 21x6x14 inches
  • Hemp Travel Duffel Bag made with love in the Himalayas of Nepal.
  • 2 Compartments